I have been asked many times for help from people who wanted to buy a boat in Greece. Some were tired of getting cold sailing in UK waters! I'm a UK based boat surveyor who keeps his own boat in Greece so I started Ionian Boat Surveys as a subsidiary of my UK business Small Boat Surveys.


During the summer and for about 6 weeks in the winter I am based on the Island of Lefkas in the Ionian Sea. If you have seen a boat in this area you like, I can inspect it before you leave home and give you my first impression. A full Pre Purchase Survey and Sea Trial can be done once you are here. 

John Crompton owner of Ionian Boat Surveys

John Crompton

Buying a boat in a country far from home can be a daunting thing to do. To get the right boat at the right price and make sure the paperwork is in order, you need local help. 


Ionian Boat Surveys works for people who want to have a boat in one of the best sailing areas in the world.


John Crompton